Questions & Answers

Do You Have Low Water pressure?
There are many reasons why you might have low water pressure, including a malfunctioning shut off valve, a compressed water line or deposits that may have gathered in your pipes. If you are the only one on your block noticing the low water pressure then the problem is more than likely between the water meter and your home. All of the technicians at Reno Plumbing Doctor are highly experienced in helping to find a solution.
Jammed Garbage Disposal
How Do I Unjam My Garbage Disposal?
There could be a stuck flywheel which is one of the blades that chop up the food. You might be able to get it moving again by sticking a broom handle in and trying to rotate the mechanism or you can try running water through the unit while turning the garbage disposer off and on. There is also a reset button on the bottom of the unit.

plumbing installation
Should Installing Plumbing Fixtures Be Left To Professionals?
Many homeowners can do a lot of this themselves but there have been several instances where a customer has called us in the middle of the install stating that something has seriously gone wrong. If you are unsure of your plumbing capabilities it is always best to leave it to the professionals.

water heater installation
What Water Heater Do I Need?
With over 40 years of experience working for you we can help you find the right water heater for your household needs. We will always give you straightforward answers to all of your questions. If it is possible to repair what you already have, we will let you know that too. Never any hidden pricing with us.

water line
Do I Have A Broken Water Line?
Some of the possible signs that you may have a broken water line are; a huge increase your water bill, your yard now has puddles, you hear water running when nothing is turned on .... Using a video camera we can find the leak and repair it saving you precious hard earned money.

Safe Drinking Water
The Difference Between Hard And Soft Water
When washing your families clothes in hard water you will damage them and they will fade and wear out faster. Plumbing fixtures and pipes will deteriorate faster. It will also make a huge difference in the condition of your skin. And let's not forget the nasty taste of the water from the tap when you try to drink it or cook with it. Reno Plumbing Doctor is fully equipped to install a water filtration system that will give you soft water for all of your families needs. Please feel free to check out our systems at RenoPlumbing.Services.