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because peace of mind is priceless

The Customer Care Program is a program offered to all our plumbing customers at a nominal fee that entitles you to several benefits. The benefits are listed below, followed by an explanation of the annual in-home inspection.

Home Inspection

Have you ever noticed your plumbing system doesn't seem to give out during your regular routine? No, it often tends to fail during the big dinner party, a visit from a special house guest, or the middle of the night.

We depend on our plumbing systems every day, and like most things, they perform better with a little TLC. Experience has shown that certain key areas of every plumbing system are the most common sites of failure-without-warning.

The leading cause of water heater and fixture failure is lack of maintenance. With an annual inspection and maintenance of your water heater and fixtures, including cleaning, adjustment, and flushing of the water heater, your plumbing system works at peak efficiency.

Potential problems are spotted before they interrupt your life, and before the cost of repair gets out of hand. This program can prevent worries and inconvenience, while saving you money!