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Kitchen Faucet Services

We depend on our kitchens for so many daily tasks in our homes. A working kitchen sink is crucial in our homes for preparing food, washing our hands and cleaning the dishes. The kitchen faucet needs to be in working order and free of drips or you will be throwing money down the drain. It is estimated that fixing household water leaks can save homeowners about 10 percent on their water bills and that the average household's leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted each year.


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Bathroom Faucet Repair & Installation

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Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in our homes. It is where we get ready for our days, give ourselves a little alone time, spend time just vegging with a magazine or our phones, so when our bathroom fixtures aren't working correctly it messes with our sense of peace. Imagine you're in your bathroom and have spent some alone time with your phone, you are now ready to exit the room and face whatever lies ahead when bam, your toilet overflows … so much for a sense of peace. Or you get in the shower only to find that the showerhead isn't working and the water has slowed down to a miniscule trickle. When your bathroom faucets are in need of repair or replacement, Reno Plumbing Doctor has the expertise to get your bathroom fixtures back in working order in record time. Our trucks come fully stocked with most of the necessary parts which will save you valued time as well as money.

What May Be Causing Your Leak

Water pressure may be too high, if this is the case we can diagnose the issue and make the necessary adjustments. Having the correct water pressure will not only stop the water leak but it will also save water and save you money.

The water leak could also be caused by a clogged drain, if a drain is clogged it will cause pressure on the joints of the piping and water leaks may appear.

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