sink repair & installation

You rely on the sinks in your home on a daily basis and for multiple uses from washing your hands to preparing dinner for your family. If the sink is old and cracked, the seal flange is loose or the drain basket is broken great care needs to be used when preparing dinner for your family, bacteria can get into the cracks and an awesome meal that you spent hours preparing could land you and your loved ones in the ER with some very serious medical issues. 852-0111



Possible Damage To Surrounding areas

Plus if you have a leaking sink it could cause damage to the surrounding areas and to the floor. The best thing would be to have a sink replacement to avoid costly issues from arising due to having to replace not only the sink but the cabinets, counters and the floors around the leaking sink. A leaking sink will also attract unwanted visitors like bugs that once entering your home will not just be happy with hanging out around your sink before you know it you will have another issue to deal with.

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It May be possible to fix a small crack

If you have an enamel coated sink that has a chip in the enamel it is possible to buy an epoxy repair kit and follow the directions on the kit. There are also many how to videos on google. If you think this is something for you please follow precautions like making sure the area is well ventilated.

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