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Toilet Basics

When you are looking into the toilet tank as you flush the toilet you can see the way it operates. By pushing the handle down this will cause the stopper to lift and allow the water in the tank to enter the bowl. The force from the tank water entering the bowl will cause the waste water to exit to the main waste drain. Then the tank will refill and once it has, the floating ball will then cause the tank to stop.

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Your Toilet Could Be Costing You Money

Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in our homes. It is where we get ready for our days, give ourselves a little alone time, spend time just vegging with a magazine or our phones, so when our bathroom fixtures aren't working correctly it messes with our sense of peace. Imagine your in your bathroom and have spent some alone time with your phone, you are now ready to exit the room and face whatever lies ahead when bam, your toilet overflows … so much for a sense of peace. Reno Plumbing Doctor has the expertise to get your toilets back in working order in record time. Our trucks come fully stocked with most of the necessary parts which will save you valued time as well as money.

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